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Phases of Competition​

Opening Number

All contestants perform in a show opening performance with an equal part. This portion of the show is not judged or scored.

Interview and Community Engagement Presentation (35%)

All contestants will prepare for and will have a personal interview with a panel of judges. This opportunity is for you allow the judges to get to know you and convince them you are the best candidate for the job. Questions will be formulated from the contestant’s short answer responses of the application, current events, community service, educational goals, issues facing communities, and career ambition. In addition to the interview, the contestants will present a presentation regarding their platform and/or community engagement. This presentation may be no longer than 5 minutes and can be in the form of video, PowerPoint, or verbal presentation. The contestants can offer keepsakes, brochures, or pamphlets to judges. It is important showcase your personality in your appearance. 

Fitness Wear (20%)

Physical fitness and wellbeing is a huge part of this system. Size does not matter, but being healthy does. You will be judged on stage presentation, overall physical appearance, and sportswear selection. Swimsuits are not allowed in this competition.


Evening Gown (20%)

Evening gown must be floor length and not be extremely revealing. Evening gown is judged on style, grace, poise and overall appearance. 

On Stage Question (25%)

On stage question will combine two questions, the first will be regarding a current event or general question and the second regarding platform. Q&A is judged on articulation, clearly answering the question, composure and the ability to think quickly on your feet. 

*All scores are tabulated by auditors and are final.*